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Digital health technologies have the potential to radically change the diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer, the leading cause of cancer death worldwide. We're already seeing AI-enabled tools that can more accurately detect lung cancer than historical diagnostic tools and are less likely to show false positives. From a care management lens, digital health can better enable physicians to build personalized treatment plans. The data produced from these tools can also be used to connect physicians in real-time, enhance the experience between a patient and their care team, and accelerate progress in lung cancer research.


So what does the future hold for digital technology in lung cancer? What challenges and barriers still exist? In this program, experts in the space will discuss new advancements for the diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer. We'll explore how early detection and prevention initiatives and technologies can be used on patients with high risk of developing lung cancer and how to correctly diagnose patients earlier.



  • 10:30 AM | Registration Opens
  • 11:00 AM | Panel
  • 12:00 PM | Q&A
  • 12:30 PM | Lunch
  • 1:30 PM | Program Concludes



  • Duncan Whitney, PhD | Head Early Detection, Lung Cancer Initiative, Johnson & Johnson
  • Sachin Shah, MRCP MBBS BMedSci | Clinical Sciences Medopad
  • Melynda Barnes, MD | Vice President, Medical Affairs and Research, Ro