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Venture fundraising in Healthcare soared to $10.4B in the first half of 2020, nearly matching 2019's full-year record.* Despite the absence of the traditional "investor meeting,"  healthcare startups are successfully raising money. 

Whether you're pitching for dilutive or non-dilutive funding, to venture capital investors or to government funders, success can hinge upon your pitch. What are some of the potential elements that make a pitch successful in the virtual world?  What differs from in-person pitches? We gathered a group of experts to discuss the elements of a successful pitch to potentially improve your chances of reaching your next milestone.

JLAB's expert guests include a startup who has successfully raised money, a venture investor and government funder who hear pitches from startups, and renowned communication expert, John Bates, who helps bring it all together. Following the panel discussion, for a pre-selected group of individuals, John will analyze 90 second pitches and provide live feedback so we all can learn. 

Join JLABS for an interactive session to hear direct insight from those adding to the fundraising success. To be considered to have your pitch reviewed live, please submit a video of your NON-CONFIDENTIAL 90 second pitch to John Bates at [email protected] by December 7th.


  • 1 PM | Opening Remarks
  • 1:05 PM | The mechanics & emotions of raising funds in a virtual world
  • 1:25 PM | Panel discussion from both sides of the table / Q&A
  • 2:05 PM | Live Elevator Pitch Coaching
  • 2:30 PM | End of Broadcast



  • John Bates | CEO, Executive Speaking Success
  • Rachel Rath | Director, BARDA Alliance, Johnson & Johnson Innovation - JLABS
  • Thomas Butler | Founder & CEO, Biomea Fusion, LLC
  • Mike Dybbs | Partner, Samsara BioCapital
  • Justin Yang | Catalyst Office Director, BARDA, Division of Research Innovation and Ventures (DRIVe); Founder of BARDA Ventures