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IndieBio's class of 19 companies is debuting at Demo Day for San Francisco Class 20 and NY Class 1.

The past 6 months have illustrated the dire need for innovative biotech to address pressing needs in human and planetary health crises.

IndieBio is proud to present its 'pandemic class,' founders who rose to the challenge of building paradigm-shifting companies during the largest infectious disease pandemic in a century. Each company was selected to be part of the elite IndieBio community because they were driven by a mission to improve human and planetary health.

Please join the first-ever two-day Demo Day event, introducing San Francisco class 10 and New York class 1. The events are scheduled for:

  • IndieBio New York | Tuesday October 27 | 1:00-3:00pm ET
  • IndieBio San Francisco | Wednesday October 28 | 10:00-12:00pm PT

A single registration will grant you access to both days' events.