The growth of New York City's life sciences industry depends on attracting and retaining a steady stream of qualified talent to start companies and fill essential roles, especially as New York City's $500 million investment is projected to create 16,000 high-paying jobs in the industry. Thus, the City has a vested interest in preparing a diverse range of New York City students for careers in the life sciences sector.

However, despite New York City's large number of STEM students studying in life sciences fields, there are neither clear pathways nor an awareness of opportunities for students to pursue careers in the industry within New York City. The majority of life sciences students in New York City have not had the learning benefit of working in a life science company or business prior to graduation from college.

The LifeSci NYC internship program is designed to ensure both the success of the life sciences industry in New York City and the employability of New York City students majoring in the life sciences and in support functions (management, finance, accounting, legal, IT, and others) connected to the life sciences. With the vast majority of New York City college students remaining in New York City after graduation, preparing STEM students will help prepare them for high-paying career opportunities while ensuring a pipeline of talent for industry.

The program will provide quality internships for college and graduate students, while offering curriculum and training support with refined "hard" skills in the sciences and "soft" skills of professional and personal development. Additionally, it will convene a working group of academic and industry partners to problem-solve around the gap between student preparedness and industry needs. This will strengthen the internship program in the short term, while creating a feedback loop to enable industry to help shape academic curricula so students develop skills necessary for industry careers. 

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