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Intern Testimonials:

"Getting exposed to the biotech industry made me realize there are so many possibilities out there. I was so sure that becoming a doctor was my only career option."


"This internship helped me filter out the professions I am not interested in pursuing while also connecting me to people who are in professions I do have some interest in. I believe I found great mentors who will challenge me to become a better person and learner." 


"It made me really think about the business side of healthcare/startup culture in a way I'd never considered before. I found I really enjoyed the experience at my startup and I'd consider going back to that sort of environment in the future." 

Host Testimonials:

“The interns have been amazing. I really think your team did a great job at picking the right interns for us to choose from. We have been keeping them both quite busy. Thank you again for allowing us to be a part of this program.”

“This was a very good experience for us. It was a great professional development opportunity for the intern’s manager. The intern had a fantastic experience. I was impressed with the staff running the program, they care a great deal and were constantly communicating with us.”


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