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Due to the current coronavirus outbreak, we now accept hosts who wish to offer internships that will involve a remote work experience. On-site internships also continue to be accepted for those hosts that are able to accommodate them.

LifeSci NYC will provide access to diverse talent, helping source undergraduate and graduate students for summer internships to provide you with extra support with scientific and/or business functions during the summer from youth with fresh learnings and new ideas. It will also give you an early look at the next generation of talent and a pipeline for your future talent needs.

In addition, the program will provide hosts with networking opportunities with leaders in New York City’s life sciences industry and with city government leaders and facilitate businesses engaging with life sciences academics at universities throughout New York City to allow discussions about future talent needs and necessary skills development.

Finally, it will provide branding and marketing opportunities as a participant in a high-profile initiative with presence on the LifeSci NYC website, at events, and in other marketing and PR materials.

All internships will be paid. A limited number of unfunded startups, small businesses, and small non-profits will be eligible to receive partial subsidy funds from New York City to offset student salaries.                   

Student Selection and Placement:

When you register to host interns, you will complete an online form to help you define a specific role or project for your interns. Program staff will contact you to make sure we understand your needs, and to provide you with applications from students who have the appropriate skills for your needs.

Program Details

  • All internships will be paid positions.
  • Open to students currently enrolled in a New York City-based college or university or New York City residents currently enrolled in any college or university. While all students are welcome to apply and will be considered, preference will be given to rising juniors, seniors, and graduate students.
  • Host companies can be located anywhere in New York State within commuting distance of New York City.
  • To date, over 120 companies have served as hosts, including BioBus, [email protected], Bucha Bio, Cureatr, Deerfield Management, Envisagenics, Flextrapower, Havas Health & You, Helaina, IndieBio NY, Kinnos, Ladenburg Thalmann, Mirimus, Inc, New York Stem Cell Foundation, Pfizer, VantAI.
  • Interns will be invited to participate in a dynamic range of events including a pre-internship "Boot Camp" intensive training program, networking receptions, industry career panels, site tours, and will have opportunities to meet industry leaders and more.

In 2021:

  • 140 students interned at 60+ of NYC's leading and emerging companies
  • 100% of hosts were "Very satisfied" or "Satisfied" with the program
  • 100% of hosts rated the quality of students as "Very good" or "Good" 
  • 100% of hosts said candidates for available positions were "Very well matched" or "Well matched"


Why should your company participate?

  • The LifeSci NYC Internship Program is actively recruiting top students at virtually every campus in NYC
  • We are criss-crossing the five boroughs to meet with career services and attend over a dozen career fairs to find the best candidates for your business, allowing you to hire local and find diverse candidates.


Internship hosts must:

  • Be located within commuting distance of New York City
  • Assign a supervisor for each student. The individual's responsibilities should include supervising students, assessing student progress, and addressing problems students may encounter on the job.
  • Provide students with a work experience commensurate with students' capabilities that conforms with the 10 week duration of the internship and provide supplies, equipment, and services necessary for the work experience.
  • Submit a survey response or evaluation report for each student at least once within two weeks of the conclusion of the summer internship.
  • Agree to serve as the employer of record for the interns and pay them a minimum of $15/hour. 
  • Comply with all local, state, and federal employment regulations, and provide a safe, healthy, and hazard-free work environment. Any overtime hours will be the hosts' responsibility. Hosts will be required to comply with all terms and conditions and sign the full host agreement to participate.

Sample internships may include:



  • R&D: Conduct research on coagulation, polymer chemistry, rheology, biochemistry, and material science.
  • R&D: Perform research on functional annotation of the human genome with respect to fertility potential.
  • Molecular Biology/Biochemistry/Cell Biology: Design, clone and test constructs using molecular and cell bio techniques; conduct protein expression, purification and characterization studies; develop and optimize experimental conditions to improve assay development workflow.
  • Bioinformatics: Build pipelines and tools to manage large volumes of sequencing data and assist with generating and assessing meta-data to support R&D efforts.
  • Data Science: Collect and analyze data which demonstrates the value of clinical decision tools in addressing public health issues; conduct outreach with calculator creators for virtual interviews and feedback; develop data-driven process for ongoing identification and prioritization of new EBM content and tools.
  • Neuroscience: Receive training and mentorship by Ph.D.-level scientists while developing own independent neuroscience projects using research-grade microscopes. Gain teaching and leadership experience by serving as co-instructors in organization's weekend and summer programs,
  • Medical Device Design: Assist in designing and assembling proprietary hardware for use in hospitals and nursing homes.
  • Regulatory Affairs: Assist regulatory department on all operational aspects of regulatory affairs, including establishment of electronic submission capabilities, publishing and submission of documents to the FDA and other regulatory authorities.
  • Quality Assurance: Help maintain central document control system, implement OSHA requirements, participate in inspections and report any non-conformances.
  • Manufacturing: Assist with supply chain logistics, optimization of processes / process flows, creation and revision of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and batch records, and equipment installation and qualification.



  • Business Development: Provide support for patent status and descriptions for marketing & licensing purposes. Analyze technologies for market potential. Develop commercial evaluation reports.
  • Market Research: Perform market research, develop marketplace analysis, provide strategic assessment, use market research data to support existing and new marketing sales strategies.
  • Public Relations/Communications: Assist through brainstorming, research, creating competitor profiles, and assisting in development of proposal submissions. Exposure to consulting, team management, general financial and HR management.
  • Finance: Develop new financial projections and budget model for existing and new clinical programs. Develop risk-adjusted valuation models for clinical programs. 


For details on the process, please see the Overview and Program Details page. For more information, or if you have any questions, please contact us or email [email protected]