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Are the interns paid? How much?
Interns are paid a minimum of $16/hour.

What work will the interns do?
Students will perform meaningful, educational work in the life sciences field. Specific job responsibilities will vary by host and position.

What are the date and time requirements of the program?
Academic year internships are generally part-time positions with dates and length determined by mutual agreement between host and intern. Summer internships are generally full-time positions for 10 weeks with dates and times also determined by mutual agreement between host and intern. See Key Dates for more information.

Where are host companies located?
Host company work sites may be located anywhere within commuting distance of New York City, with the vast majority being located within New York City's five boroughs.

Can interns work from home?
Yes, but whether this option is available for a specific position is the decision of the host company.

For Students

Do you offer placements for full-time jobs or for internships at times of year other than summer?
The program offers a mix of academic year internships, full-time and part-time jobs and summer internships as they are made available by our host company partners. Summer internship applicants are required to complete a comprehensive application process that includes a personal statement, contact names for references, additional questions, resume, and academic transcript. Applicants for non-summer roles need only complete our abridged application, which includes a resume and basic academic information. A cover letter will be required for each role for which an applicant would like to be considered. Non-summer applicants may later choose to apply for the summer program; at that time, they will need to complete the more comprehensive Summer Internship application. Visit our Student Application for further instructions.

Where can I learn about other programming or opportunities that would appeal to students interested in the life sciences industry?
The LifeSci NYC Internship Program has launched a Meetup group where we share occasional programming we offer for students interested in the life sciences. This may include company tours, career panels, and other events. We will also share job and internship opportunities that come to our attention, but do not fit into our summer internship program (i.e., winter or spring internships, full- and part-time job opportunities, etc.). If you are interested in being notified of these items, please join our free LifeSci NYC Internship Program Meetup group.

Do interns work directly for LifeSci NYC?
No, if you are selected by a company or organization for an internship, you will be working for that company or organization. The LifeSci NYC Internship Program collects student applications, contacts companies to host internships, and then facilitates the matching of student applicants with positions available at these companies. The program does not employ students itself.


What are the eligibility requirements for interns?
- Students must be currently enrolled in New York City-based colleges or universities (or have graduated in the past two years) or must be New York City residents currently enrolled in any college or university.
- Students must be US citizens or US permanent residents (including DACA participants), have TPS, or be holders of visas that allow completion of the internship without sponsorship.
- Students must be at least 18 years of age.
- Students should have a cumulative 3.0 GPA. Students with a GPA under 3.0 can apply but must request an exemption from the GPA requirement and write an explanation of extenuating circumstances for their GPA.
- Participants must be able to commit to the part-time or full-time schedule listed in the job description; commit to the work requirements of their host site; attend and actively engage in all scheduled seminars, events, and activities; and remain active as program alumni.
- Students must agree to all terms and conditions and sign the student agreement to participate.

If I only have an F1 Visa, am I eligible to apply?
The program requires that you are either a US citizen, a permanent resident (holder of a green card), a DACA recipient, have TPS, or have a visa that allows you to complete the internship without sponsorship. If you are unsure, check with Career Services at your school or with an immigration expert to find out what is required in order for an F-1 visa holder to work without sponsorship. You can look into CPT or OPT authorizations for the F-1 to allow off-campus work. (The website has more information.) Note that you must have a Social Security Number (SSN) in order to be able to work.

I have no Social Security Number. Am I eligible to apply?
You must have a Social Security Number (SSN) in order to be able to work in a LifeSci NYC Internship. If you are legally eligible to work in the United States, but do not have a SSN, inquire at your college’s Career Services department for guidance on how to apply for one.

I am an international student, and my visa does not allow me to be paid for an internship. May I apply to work on an unpaid basis?
No, we offer paid internships only. Note that this policy applies regardless of whether you would be receiving academic credit for the internship.

Are high achieving high school students eligible to apply?
The program is for undergraduate and graduate students only. However, here are a few opportunities for high school students (though we recommend that you check for the deadlines to apply):

I am transferring to a college in NYC at a later date. May I apply?
You must be enrolled in a NYC college by the time you would begin the internship. If all of your transcripts and other materials reflect a prior non-NYC college, please submit verification from your NYC college that you are now or will be enrolled there.

I do not live in NYC or attend a NYC college but I am interested in moving to NYC? Can I apply?
Unfortunately not. This program is a New York City program and you must be either enrolled in a New York City university or a New York City resident to be eligible to apply.

Can I apply as a freshman? Can graduate students apply? Can I apply if I am a graduating senior?
Yes. However, please note that preference will be given to undergraduate students who are rising juniors or seniors at the time of application or graduate students. Rising sophomores may apply but must demonstrate a maturity showing that they will benefit from the program and properly represent the program. Graduating seniors or alumni who have graduated within the past year may also apply but must demonstrate that they will follow through with their commitment to the program and not withdraw if they get a full-time job offer.

Do I need to be a life sciences major to apply?
No. Along with academic majors in the STEM disciplines (e.g. Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biomedical Engineering, Computer Science, etc.), students studying business-related disciplines (e.g. Business, Management, Finance, Economics, Communications, Statistics, Supply Chain Management, Marketing, Industrial Engineering, etc.) are highly sought after among our host companies.

Application Process

What if I need extra time (beyond the 7 days after submitting the application) to have my references submitted?
Please be sure your references are submitted as instructed, as companies are unlikely to hire any student for whom they don’t have a reference. You will not be penalized if your references arrive within a reasonable time frame beyond the 7 days requested. Please let us know if you would like more time to submit your references.

Is it a problem if my reference is submitted prior to my completing my application?
It is fine if the person providing your reference submits it before you complete your application. We will match the reference with your application.

Do my references have to be from a professor in my major?
While references that can speak to your skills in your area of expertise are extremely helpful to us in evaluating your application, any reference that can speak to your interest in the life sciences, your work ethic, initiative, creativity, related skills, and/or other skills that are relevant to how you may perform in an internship, is a useful addition to your application. References can be from professors, academic advisors, work supervisors, or personal references-- just not from family members or friends.

I am in my first semester/year of college/graduate school, or I have just transferred to my current school. What do I submit as a transcript?
Please submit a transcript from your current school, if available. If you have no transcript or if you have transferred, please submit a transcript from your previous school as well. Graduate students who have only recently begun graduate school should include their undergraduate transcript.

Do I have to submit an official copy of my transcript?
No, an unofficial copy is acceptable.

Can I update my application after I have submitted it?
Yes, but once you submit your application, it is no longer editable by you. To update your application, please email your changes or updated documents (i.e., resume or transcript) as a PDF to [email protected].


Am I guaranteed a placement?
No. We receive far more applications than there are available positions. Whether you are selected as a candidate for submission to one or more companies depends upon your qualifications and application quality, as well as the number of other candidates interested in the same role. Final selections are ultimately made by those in charge of the hiring process at each individual host company.

If I am offered a position, can I still choose to opt out of the program before accepting an internship from a host?
Once you have completed your LifeSci NYC online application and received access to our job listings, we urge you to apply only for positions that you would plan to accept should you receive an offer. We expect that once you have accepted an offer, you will withdraw other applications. Employers (and we) view an accepted offer as a formal commitment. It reflects poorly on you, your university, and the LifeSci NYC program if you back out once you have made a commitment. Should any students opt out of an internship after receiving or accepting an offer, they will not be eligible for alternative placement and will be reported to their university’s career services office.

How does the placement process work?
For each internship role, LifeSci NYC will evaluate both your application and your individual cover statement (submitted per the instructions in the "Currently Available Internship Roles" document that is accessible to all those who have completed applications) to determine if you will be submitted for any given position. If you are submitted by LifeSci NYC as a candidate, it is then up to the host company to determine whether they wish to further evaluate your candidacy via an interview or other selection method. You should revisit the job listings in the Student Job Portal regularly to view new positions that may have been added. If you have not yet received an offer for a position, you may submit cover letters for additional roles that are posted.

How many positions may I apply for through the LifeSci NYC Internship Program?
Once you receive access to our Student Job Portal, you may apply for as many of the positions listed as are a good fit for your interests and experience.

I have received access to the Student Job Portal following submission of my application, but I don't see any positions that are a good fit for me.
While you may not see anything in the Student Job Portal that interests you at present, we will be posting new positions on a rolling basis. Please return regularly to check the listings. While some companies may be ready to begin the search and selection process already, others may not begin until closer to the summer. We encourage you to keep checking for positions that are a good fit for you on an ongoing basis.

Why do I have to submit cover letters?
When applying for any job through our program or elsewhere, you are likely competing against many other applicants, and you need to demonstrate your strong interest in the job. A cover letter provides the perfect opportunity to do this. While we understand writing a cover letter may be difficult and time consuming, it is important to tailor each cover letter specifically to each company and job description to show genuine interest. Your cover letter should summarize why you believe you are a good fit for the company, and share related experience for that position. When you are applying for jobs, other candidates will be sending cover letters - you want to make sure you are giving yourself every possible edge!! For more advice, take a look at our Cover Letter Cheat Sheet and then feel free to schedule time in office hours if you need additional help.

I have submitted cover letters for three positions. Will I receive a confirmation email from you or will the companies contact me?
If we think you are qualified for the positions for which you submitted cover letters, we will forward your application to those companies and send you a confirmation. Please note that submitting a cover letter does not guarantee an interview / placement at a company or even that your application will be selected for submission to a company.

How can I prepare for an interview?
Please look at our Interview Tips and Sample Questions and watch our video featuring Cindy Anzel, Vice President, HR & Operations, at New York Stem Cell Foundation.

My GPA is not on the 4.0 scale. How should I list it in the application?
You can convert your GPA to the 4.0 scale using a tool like the iGPA Calculator.

Internship Expectations

What is expected of me during the internship?
The LifeSci NYC Internship Program expects that interns will properly represent the program. This includes showing up to work on time and properly dressed, diligently and professionally completing all work assignments, and completing all weeks of the internship as agreed with the host company. It is also expected that all interns will attend all training, curriculum, and other events organized by the program.

For Hosts

Is there a cost for companies to participate in the LifeSci NYC Internship Program?
No, LifeSci NYC is part of the NYCEDC LifeSci NYC initiative to support the life sciences industry in New York City. There is no cost associated with participation (other than paying interns a minimum of $16/hour for their work). We strongly encourage hosts to consider paying above minimum wage ($18+/hour recommended).

Are the interns employees of my company?
Yes. Interns must be W-2 employees (not contractors) of your company and you will serve as the employer of record for the interns for the duration of the internship. All applicable payroll taxes and costs (such as workers’ comp and unemployment insurance) must be paid by you. For companies who prefer not to add interns to their own payroll, the program can recommend a staffing agency to handle payroll for interns.

Can I host more than one intern?
Yes. There is no limit to the number of interns you can host.

Can I select an intern who has previously worked for my company, or who has applied to my company through a channel other than the LifeSci NYC Internship Program?
While host companies are welcome to recruit interns through multiple channels, any interns that are selected as a part of our program must have applied to the role via our platform AND should not have a prior working relationship with the host company. A host company may instruct candidates who reach out to them directly to apply through the LifeSci NYC Internship Program, but hosts should not commence the consideration of such candidates until they have gone through our application process and been referred by our team. This is to ensure that candidates who do not have the connections to meet hosts on their own receive the same consideration as those making such connections. 

What academic year students does the program serve?
The LifeSci NYC internship program serves undergraduate and graduate students (including both master’s and doctoral candidates), post-doc researchers, as well as students who graduated from any of these degree programs within the past two years. The LifeSci NYC Internship Program does not accept high school students. In 2023, 65 percent of students placed by the program into internships were undergraduates (five percent freshmen, 13 percent sophomores, 27 percent juniors, and 17 percent seniors) and 28 percent were graduate students (24 percent master’s and four percent doctoral/post-doc students), and seven percent had recently graduated.

What experience do the interns have?
The LifeSci NYC Internship Program is designed to give work experience to New York City undergraduate and graduate students, many of whom have not previously had jobs in the industry. The students are being selected based on their interest in the field and relevant academic experience. However, hosts are welcome to indicate specific requirements in their job descriptions to ensure that the LifeSci NYC Internship Program can select candidates who will have appropriate skills and experiences for the role.

Do I need to check students’ work eligibility?
Yes. The LifeSci NYC Internship Program will be asking students to confirm that they meet the program’s criteria, but as the employer of record, you will need to check their employment eligibility and have them complete an I-9, as you would for any employee.

Can LifeSci NYC help me find an intern for times of year other than summer?
Yes. We are happy to place interns for internships at any time of the year. Internships during the academic year are often part-time to accommodate student schedules, with whatever hours are agreed upon by the company and the intern.