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NYC: A Global Leader in the Life Sciences

New York City has all the makings of a global hub for the life sciences industry, including:

  • A deep and diverse talent pool
  • The nation’s largest healthcare network
  • Abundant commercial lab space
  • A robust venture capital and startup ecosystem
  • A public sector committed to investing in life sciences research and talent

The NYC life sciences community is launching dynamic new startups and leading scientific breakthroughs that are improving health outcomes and enhancing quality of life. These enterprises are developing new technologies; researching new therapeutic approaches; creating new tools and medicines; and developing innovative multi-sector solutions in sustainability, agriculture, materials, and more.

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Establishing NYC as the Leader in Techbio Life Sciences

New York City is the world’s second largest tech hub with over 355,000 tech workers and 25,000 startups. As technology enters an exciting new era powered by data, AI, machine learning, and robotics, life sciences R&D is experiencing revolutionary shifts towards computation-based discovery models fueled by better and more integrated data.

Wet lab experiments are supercharged by machine learning and automation, synthetic biology is rewriting DNA to solve sustainability challenges, and surgeries are now faster and more precise with the assistance of robotics and virtual and augmented reality. While acknowledging that these new technologies are creating new ethical and regulatory questions to tackle, the relationship between advanced technologies and life sciences will only strengthen in the coming decade.

With robust tech and life sciences ecosystems—including over 40,000 workers trained in AI and over $32B in VC funding since 2021—New York City is becoming a leading destination for the emerging intersection of advanced technology and life sciences. NYCEDC is committed to growing these sectors through public investment and collaborations with industry, academia, and funders.


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Meet the Advisory Council

The Advisory Council offers input and leadership to help guide the LifeSci NYC program.

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